Bridging the gap between crypto and traditional finance. Nordark enables users to open business bank accounts and get access to deep crypto liquidity, all from one platform.

Skyline Digital

A Non-Custodial Solution Opening the Doors of TradFi for Web3 Businesses and Founders


Avata is a technical gateway providing customised insurance solutions to digital asset owners


KASHIN is a microlending app that gives small loans to underbanked people and controls risk using social reputation scores & smartphone-based variables. Users increase their credit line and reduce interest rates according to their own credit behaviour and their first degree referrals.


The first British-Isles regulated and 100% backed GBP is the sole issuer of the GBPT stablecoin. Monthly attestations are provided by KPMG to ensure GBPT is 100% backed in GBP at all times


A crypto challenger banking application with an inbuilt move-to-earn gamification layer. Damex is a payment platform allowing users to send, receive, and pay with both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Setting Damex apart from the competition, the Damex app will also reward users for completing challenges and keeping active with cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other in-app benefits


Blackfridge is an Isle of Man-based fintech company on a mission to advance financial services through innovative technology. It has launched ‘poundtoken‘, a GBP-denominated stablecoin designed to ease access to digital asset markets with frictionless real-time settlement.