Worlds’s First Metaverse for Pets, with cross chain flexibility that brings NFT Lovers, PetParents and Gamers into a world of gaming, DeFi, Virtual Reality and Social Cause


Collector brings real-world collectibles into the 21st century. Digitize your collections, trade them with others, and even collateralize your assets for loans – all without the risks and inefficiencies which plague traditional collectible marketplaces.


A revolutionary protocol based on a new and decentralized consensus algorithm that issues certificates of authenticity for NFTs to secure the Web3 ecosystem.


Award Pool enables anyone – companies, brands, influencers- to gamify campaigns. With Award Pool, users participate in challenges and competitions to earn points, prizes, and customizable Non-Fungible Token (NFT) rewards through an easy-to-use platform. Token Craft, by Award Pool, makes it easy for brands, artists and content creators of all kinds to create a customized […]