FunFair Ventures is delighted to announce it has become a member and Gold sponsor of the Blockchain Game Alliance.

Joining a growing group of sponsors and members, FunFair Ventures will join alongside other Venture Capital firms, game developers, platforms, media and more. These include big names like Polygon, BITKRAFT Ventures and Ubisoft .

The Blockchain Game Alliance is a fantastic organisation committed to promoting blockchain within the gaming industry. As a member, FunFair Ventures will benefit from the organisation’s collective knowledge, expertise, industry connections and efforts, while also being able to contribute and add value to further drive awareness and encourage the adoption of blockchain within the gaming industry. 

FunFair Ventures

FunFair Ventures, part of the Funfair Technologies Group, is looking to plug a gap in the funding process for early-stage blockchain projects, including those within the gaming space.

Gaming is part of their DNA and heritage; Funfair Technologies was created to re-invent online gaming. It delivered pioneering technology, including the first commercial usage of layer 1 scaling tech in its decentralised gaming platform.

So, as a VC we are different; we’ve been there, developing, launching, operating and marketing successful decentralised applications and managing a top 100 ERC20 token for over five years. 

FunFair has built projects on numerous platforms, including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Optimism, xDai and DFINITY. Alongside our technical expertise and experience, we also offer commercial, marketing and corporate support to all our partners.

This is all part of our value add programme for early-stage projects.

Blockchain Game Alliance 

Joining the BGA is an opportunity to spread awareness about blockchain technologies and encourage adoption by highlighting their potential to foster new ways to create, publish, play, and build strong communities around games and gaming products.

  • Their mission is to raise awareness and accelerate adoption through the following: Encourage development of standards and share best practices.
  • Advance public understanding.
  • Provide an open and inclusive platform for discussion & engagement.

The Blockchain Game Alliance is proud to announce FunFair Ventures as a new member and sponsor! FunFair Ventures, part of FunFair Technologies, is a new VC business aiming to plug a gap in the funding process for early-stage blockchain projects. 

– Blockchain Game Alliance

To learn more about the Blockchain Game Alliance, please check out their website here.