Funfair Ventures is proud to sponsor and attend the upcoming PG Connects event in London on January 23-24. PG Connects is a leading conference and networking event  for the global games industry, bringing the gaming ecosystem together from console to mobile to Web3. 

Lloyd Purser, FunFair Ventures COO, and Fred Kessler, FunFair Technologies CPO, will be representing us at the event and in particular focusing on our sponsored investor connector session on Monday the 23rd January. This session is a fantastic opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to connect with leading investors one-to-one, gaining valuable insights and discuss potential funding.

Further to PG Connects, The Blockchain Game Alliance, another sponsor partner of FunFair Ventures, is holding an  event on the evening of the 24th Jan opening up another opportunity for the gaming community to network and drive the adoption of web3 into the gaming ecosystem.

If you are a start-up or entrepreneur in gaming and are currently working in or looking to integrate web3 infrastructure, don’t miss the opportunity to meet with Funfair Ventures at PG Connects. 

To get in touch with the team at FunFair Ventures, please email: [email protected].