KASHIN is a microlending app that gives small loans to underbanked people and controls risk using social reputation scores & smartphone-based variables. Users increase their credit line and reduce interest rates according to their own credit behaviour and their first degree referrals. www.kashin.app


Operator of a DAO toolkit developing firm intended to help create and manage enterprise-ready DAOs. The company’s platform act as a full-suite concierge, offering customizable DAO tooling, multi-chain integrations, and ongoing operational support and makes it easy to launch and run a DAO, enabling customers to benefit from transparent and secure on-chain governance to suggest […]


Collector brings real-world collectibles into the 21st century. Digitize your collections, trade them with others, and even collateralize your assets for loans – all without the risks and inefficiencies which plague traditional collectible marketplaces. www.collectorcrypt.com https://youtu.be/6l4hDCj3wLc

Insert Stonks

STONK Engine is the world’s first self-service blockchain API for game developers to better monetize their games using Play2Earn models in minutes without knowledge of blockchain code. Unlike other solutions on the market it offers: INSERT STONKS is the platform surrounding the STONK Engine. Utilizing the STNX token, minted on Solana Blockchain. www.stonkengine.io


Universe is the most engaging way to learn Virtual Reality(VR) app development as you are learning these 3D concepts in 3D. Students are able to get the same convenience of online learning with the quality of in-person learning through teaching in the Metaverse. Previous Next www.tryuniverse.com


The first British-Isles regulated and 100% backed GBP stablecoin.poundtoken.io is the sole issuer of the GBPT stablecoin. Monthly attestations are provided by KPMG to ensure GBPT is 100% backed in GBP at all times poundtoken.io


Award Pool enables anyone – companies, brands, influencers- to gamify campaigns. With Award Pool, users participate in challenges and competitions to earn points, prizes, and customizable Non-Fungible Token (NFT) rewards through an easy-to-use platform. Token Craft, by Award Pool, makes it easy for brands, artists and content creators of all kinds to create a customized […]